Hasbro My3DNow comes to the iPhone

If you grew up in the seventies, you might remember a toy known as a Viewmaster.
If you don’t remember it, it sort of looked like this My3DNow that you see here, except instead of sticking an iPhone in front of the binocular viewer, you stuck this circular reel, and you could see still images in 3D.
I guess since many people are demanding 3D for their movies and home content, it was only a matter of time before someone perfected it for the iPhone. If nothing else, this should tide you over until the iPhone does get a glasses-free 3D screen. (I’m sure that will happen eventually if these glasses-free 3D mobile phone screens make it big.)
The plan for the My3DNow is to get programs with 3D content on the iPhone, and then view it with these along with headphones. I wonder how Avatar will look on these, but it will probably not be as good as the theater.
If you want to get the My3DNow from Hasbro, then you should be able to get to Target on April 3rd for a price of about $35. If you want, you can get more information and even possibly pre-order it at