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Harry Potter Golden Egg prop replica targets fans of the series

harry_potter_golden_egg_propIf you are a true blue Harry Potter fan, then I am quite sure that you would have collected your fair share of Harry Potter memorabilia over the years, as many as you possibly can on a limited budget, of course. Well, perhaps you have not completed your collection, or felt that something has been missing all this while. Enter the $69.99 Harry Potter Golden Egg Prop Replica that might just prove to be the final, missing piece in your puzzle.

This is a replica of the Golden Egg from the first task in the Triwizard Tournament, as its name suggests, but unfortunately for teen wizardry fans, this particular purchase will not open up at all, and there are no moving parts to keep it company to boot. Chances are if it did have moving parts, this would be snapped up a whole lot faster than anticipated, not to mention having it carry a far higher price tag. This officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise will come with a display stand ring, as it measures 5.75″ in diameter and tips the scales at 13 ounces.

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