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Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Wizarding World

In case you can’t wait for Star Tours to re-open again, then you should probably check out the one attraction that everyone wants to visit: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The one ride that seems to have a blend of a lot of interesting rides with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

The ride is a mix of many rides including “The Many Adventures of Spider-Man” from Universal which uses a lot of CG. It also uses the tech of “Soarin'”, a ride at EPCOT where the spectator sits in a seat hovered above a giant screen to generate the illusion of flying.

Mixed in with the more modern ride technology are those animatronics, a staple for parks like Disneyland. In the Forbidden Journey, the animatronics are giant spiders, dragons, and the Dementors. That part might scare the younger ones. It also features some air blasts, smoke, and water.

This ride is about four minutes long, and the plot is about Hagrid and a lost dragon, or something that hopefully J.K. Rowling approved of.

Well, I would imagine that this ride will be in the spotlight, and I am so certain that you’ll be waiting in line for a long time to get into this one. I remember that I was in Disneyland when Star Tours had its first year, and I waited at least an hour and a half. This was before we had mobile devices to keep us occupied in lines.


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Wizarding World”

  1. Rode this twice on June 25th (Friday after the opening weekend). Took us 30 minutes to get on the first time and about 80 minutes when we came back in the afternoon. The ride was incredible but even the line to get on the ride had a lot to see that will please any fan of the books or movies.

    At a few points during the ride, you can look left or right and see the cars next to you and get a quick glance at the robotics they’re using to fling you around. (Warning, you WILL lose your car keys on this ride if you have loose pockets…)

    There was one part near the end that I had to ask a ride attendant about, since it was a cool effect but I wasn’t quite sure what it was supposed to mean. They show you an image of a face on a screen made of fog, and the gist is that it’s supposed to be your face… except it’s not. If they’d been able to pull it off with your actual image, that would have been a real coup.

    The rest of the Hogsmeade village and the 2 other rides are pretty cool, with a nice attention to detail and little surprises in various storefront windows. Sure, they could always have done more, but given the limitations of magic in the REAL WORLD, I was very impressed (unlike a critic I read who complained that there weren’t more students practicing magic in the streets or animatronic trolls taking your tickets… c’mon…)

  2. wizarding world looks really great. and the main attraction is a must.they could use more cast members though.maybe someone to play the main character harry potter and someone to try out for malfoy.

  3. it would be cool to see harry walk around and chat with park guests.and have malfoy spy on people in the three broomsticks restaurant and in a nice way annoy harry potter and his guests.also maybe have someone play ron weasley.

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