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Hanwha Techwin reveals new baby monitor

Being a new parent does have its fair share of challenges, ranging from having your sleeping hours interrupted all too frequently because of feeding schedules, all the way to basing your everyday routine around baby’s timetable. For many of us, we still need to work, which is why having a baby monitor at home is essential in order to keep an eye on the little one while we are away. Hanwha Techwin has come up with its Wisenet BabyView Eco PT wireless video baby monitor that ought to help lift some of that heartache of being away from your newborn in a different room in a better manner.

The BabyView Eco PT will arrive with an energy efficient mode for power conservation, while featuring a camera that enables users to pan up to 295° in addition to tilting up to 110°, ensuring a full range of visibility regardless of which room in the home where you have placed your child in. This home security product will allow people to keep an eye on their little one(s), especially when news of caregivers abusing children when the parents are not around in the same room are becoming more commonplace. I would dare to venture that it is possible the BabyView Eco PT can be used to keep track of your domestic help in taking care of old folk, too.

The remote-control pan and tilt function of the new BabyView Eco PT camera comes in handy, especially when it concerns babies who have started to crawl or inquisitive toddlers who simply cannot remain still and love to explore. As long as there is power, you can maneuver the camera vertically and horizontally in order to get the best view at all times. Apart from the energy-saving Eco mode, there is also a VOX mode. The color 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen monitor display offers at least up to 6 hours of battery life, and with a long-range radio frequency of 900 feet within line of sight, parents are able to perform other tasks and activities around the home without losing contact with their baby. Capable of supporting up to four cameras, it also features multiple viewing modes: single, sequence, and multi-camera view.

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