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Hanging Cocoon helps you relax

After a particularly hard day at work, all that you want to do is sit down, put your legs up, and relax. After all, “getting away from it all” is a must-do for you when you clock out at the office, and there are different ways employed by various people when it comes to de-stressing, and here is the $399.95 Hanging Cocoon that you might want to consider, instead of a monthly membership at the local gym.

The Hanging Cocoon is actually a glorified hammock, although it does have its fair share of advantages, which is why it was so named (and of course, priced). The Hanging Cocoon will cocoon (hence its name) its user within a private suspended sanctuary, making it the ideal spot to read, unwind, or perform a personal reflection session. It has been inspired by the hanging, tapering nests of weaver birds, boasting of a semi-enclosed design that makes it equally private for both adults and children alike. Capable of supporting up to 440 lbs. when hung, the eight-section aluminum ring allows you to assemble in minutes.