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Handy Cooler personal air conditioner


We know that summer’s long gone, and the cold, cold chill of winter is about to set in (at least for folks living in the northern hemisphere), but there are still a huge number of people who live in tropical climates who would find the Handy Cooler personal air conditioner to come in, well, handy – as the name suggests.

Handy Cooler is a small and attractive personal cooling device that is packed with plenty of fantastic features you would never expect from a small personal fan. This is a personal fan that literally cools the air. This amazing gadget delivers continuous evaporated cool air flow to keep you cool anytime under the sun or at home. Just think about the limitless uses… sunbathing, hot offices, picnics, camping, golfing, watching the game from the sidelines in blistering heat, and don’t forget hot flashes!

You can choose to power it using batteries whenever you’re outdoors (do have rechargeables in mind to help reduce the amount of waste generated with used batteries), and for those who are in the office, there is always the option to connect it via USB especially when you’re placed in a cubicle where the air conditioning just won’t reach. Worth forking out $39.99 for?

5 thoughts on “Handy Cooler personal air conditioner”

  1. Uh… that isn’t a “air conditioner”….. Read the details, it is a pocket swamp cooler. “Evaporative Cooling Technology” kinda gave that away. $39.99 for a pocket swamp cooler, no thank you.

  2. I got one and I just ordered 2 more for my kids! A pretty neat product that cools the air just like the big evaporative cooler I got in Walmart. Much better than those clumsy misting gadgets.

  3. I have always wondered why someone couldn’t shrink a evaporative cooler small enough to become portable. I just didn’t know it could be so small to hold in your hands! The logic makes sense. I want one for next summer.

  4. Genius. Temperatures are scorching hot in Sydney right now and its perfect. My girlfriend said she searched for hours to find a Christmas gift for me and ended up with this. More than happy with it. Good she got me the black also.

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