Hands-Free Toilet Seat

They say that a great marriage is built on a solid foundation of love, communication and understanding. The thing is, sometimes when different aspects of those ingredients are missing, there are still other flash points in a relationship that could spark off an argument, or worse, the silent treatment being meted out for days at a time. One of those might actually be the age old toilet seat issue (or at least, ever since the toilet seat came into existence), where girls prefer the guys to put down the toilet seat once they’re done with their business, while us guys wished that the toilet seat isn’t even down in the first place.

Well, the $199.95 Hands-Free Toilet Seat says it all, it will be able to raise and lower the seat automatically, and you can be sure that it not only saves contamination, but perhaps, even marriages as well! All you need to do is step in front of the sensor zone and the seat lid will rise automatically as though you were a Jedi Knight who wielded the power of the Force, and half a minute after you step away, both seat and lid will automatically return to the down position. It takes just minutes to install, and there is no need for any special tools to boot. Each purchase is accompanied by a lithium-ion battery and AC power adapter/charger.