Hands on with the Zhip

I got a chance to try out the Zhip the other day, and I was confused at first. The first thing that confused me was the name, but I found out it was pronounced “zip”.

Its purpose seemed weird to me, because it looked like some weird sort of claw to hold an iPhone/iPod. It’s not like we haven’t seen mobile device holders before, but the Zhip is actually unique.

The Zhip has a retractable cord that is put there for a very good reason. The user can put their mobile device in the claw, and then wind the cord around something that will hold it in place, like the headrest of a car’s front seat.

The Zhip is also good if you want to watch videos on your desk, because there is an extendable desktop stand so you can view things in portrait and landscape modes.

The claw design itself is also interesting, as it can fold up into a flat rectangle about the size of half a deck of cards. The prongs can then unfold on hinges, and there is a spring-loaded action going on to fit your mobile device in place.

You should be able to get it now for about $24.95 at national retail outlets “to be announced soon”. I believe it is only available in one color: clear.