Hands on with the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550

I realize that Logitech has their hands full with Google TV, but Logitech has their hands in many pies, such as notebooks peripherals.

The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 is billed as “Big-time sound and comfort for your small screen”. Having tried it out for myself, I will have to say that there is a lot of truth in advertising there.

The speakers are two-inch high performance neodymium drivers with 2 Watts power maximum. The Volume control and mute buttons are located conveniently on the side.

The Lapdesk N550 has a netted cushion designed to be a pillow on your lap. There are two tabs on the bottom of the unit that are design to hold the netbook or laptop with a 14-inch screen.

All that is required is that the user plugs his or her laptop/netbook into this unit. Just to let you know, all media files have to be closed before you plug it in. After that, you can play your files in stereo from your DVD player or any other video-playing website. All in all, I would have to say that the sound is good, but generally I prefer my audio or video experience to be private, not on two speakers.

You should be able to get the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 at the Logitech site for about $59.99.