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Hands Free Gear Clock tells the time in style

handsfree-gear-clockThere are clocks, and then there are clocks. Instead of the boring old $4 clock from Ikea that seems to have made its way to every home around, how about trying out something that is totally different? Why not have a timepiece in your home that will be able to tell the time in style? This is what the $99.95 Hands Free Gear Clock is all about, and motorheads should be able to appreciate the existence of such a timepiece. This is one wall clock that boasts of tiny moving gears which will rotate a large outer sprocket, telling the time as it is.

Ditching the traditional hands in favor of a simple arrow, this is one industrial timepiece that will point via the arrow to the current time on the large, outer dial, where the latter would be able to perform a full revolution twice a day. It will be powered by the quartet of fixed internal spur gears, and the large clock measures nearly 2′ in diameter, where it sports bold numbers that are easy to read from a distance, while offering submarkings at each 15-minute interval. Made out of durable, lightweight ABS with a metallic finish, mounting it on any wall surface is a snap. You won’t have to fill it up with motor oil though, as it is powered by a pair of D batteries.