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Hands Free Foot Exfoliator helps you snack while you pamper yourself

hands-free-foot-exfoliatorIt is interesting to note that the $49.95 Hands Free Foot Exfoliator happens to be something that you can make use of from time to time in order to provide some “self time”, while you use your two hands to, well, do other stuff – perhaps checking up on your email, or even spending time coloring your nails, or simply to read a book. It is as simple as that, really.

Basically, the Hands Free Foot Exfoliator comes across as a hands-free exfoliator that removes calluses and revitalize skin on the feet. It is available on an exclusive basis from Hammacher Schlemmer, where this particular hands-free device would enable one to relax, read, or watch television while it comfortably buffs and softens feet. All that you need to do is touch each foot to the rotating device, without the straining or bending required of a handheld tool. As the exfoliator’s upper surface sports an abrasive diamond texture to break down hard calluses and dead skin on the soles, it has an edge that boasts of a finer grit like a pumice stone for gently treating the sides of the foot. The device comes with a water-resistant construction and non-slip base for use in the shower, and it has a power button that can be maneuvered using a toe. Do consider rechargeable batteries though, since it runs on eight AA batteries.