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Hands Free Electric Shoe Polisher ensures you do not stain your hands

handsfree-electric-shoe-polisherAh, to go hands free is definitely a luxury – or a necessity if you happen to be driving and need to attend to an incoming phone call. Having said that, for those of us who do a fair bit of traveling and would like to make sure that our shoes are polished so that we look our very best for the upcoming meeting or presentation, why waste time using your hands, when you can be reading up on the latest pre-meeting reports and let the $129.95 Hands Free Electric Shoe Polisher do the (literally dirty) work for you?

Automatic polishers are nothing new, and this Hands Free Electric Shoe Polisher is one which is capable of dispensing liquid polish automatically to deliver a hands-free shoe shine – which would make it a great time saving tool in this day and age. The unit itself will come with a trio of rotating reels of bristles, where a nylon brush will remove dirt and dust, while a pair of reels of soft cotton bristles will rub in polish and buff the shoe to a brilliant shine. The dispenser is located within the unit can be refilled, and each purchase comes with 3 1/3 oz. of colorless shoe wax that is supposedly able to last for approximately 20 polishes. Make sure you use the Hands Free Electric Shoe Polisher on black or brown shoes only!