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Hands Free Can Opener

From personal experience, I know that using a traditional can opener to open a can takes way to long, and those under the cabinet ones look ugly and are tricky to use sometimes. It’s also a task for someone who is a bit older; they just don’t have the strength in them to do it.

This gadget is supposedly a hands free can opener. All you have to do is secure the opener on the can, hold a button for a second, and then the opener will travel around the can giving a clean cut. That means no sharp edges when it comes off, and the lid will come right off, there’s no pulling it and having half the contents come out on you. (Tomato soup does not come out of clothes very well, especially white ones) It can also handle larger cans, but for some odd reason, that requires pressing the button twice.

The opener is pretty portable, too. It’s only 6.5” long, and weighs just over 7 ounces; easily pocketable. There’s no need for a plug, either, two AA batteries will open about 100 cans before needing replaced. Because of the portability the opener is great for camping and hiking, you might want to bring a few batteries just in case, though.

The hands free can opener is a Sharper Image original product, which means they thought it up and developed it. It’s available from their website for $25. It’s a small price for something so convenient and simple to use.

4 thoughts on “Hands Free Can Opener”

  1. There was something like one of these on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and Ray got all mad because he spilt some tuna juice on himself :P. Ahhh funny show, cool gadget :).

  2. This is cool because I hate how my manually operated can opener always leave a tiny bit of the lid so I have to pull it off causing me to spill the contents, sometimes being Tomato soup arrrggghhh.

  3. I had a gross one so I threw it away and bought this. It was cool the first few times, then it had trouble working. I tried replacing the batteries, but it still didnt work. I went out and bought an old fashioned one and am much happier with my reliable can opener that works EVERYTIME

  4. I got a can opener like this about a year ago. I’m a quadriplegic with no hand function, but I can still move my arms. I couldn’t find a can opener I could use, but these kind are great! As long as I can lay it on top of the can and put the big button with any part of my hand or wrist I can get the can open and the lid comes off with the can opener leaving no sharp edges to cut myself on. I also just realized that I am using the same battery I’ve had since I got it!

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