Handmade PVC Pipe Speakers

These handmade speakers named, White Sea Cucumbers, keep your audio equipment looking a little on the industrial side.  The name itself is more than a little flaky considering the materials used, but you can just call them PVC speakers to your buddies.  It might be worth it to actually have a set of speakers that aren’t quite as mass produced as the others out there on the market.

Each of the pipes holds a 3 inch magnesium/aluminum alloy range driver.  They’re said to have nice sound with a lot of low end bass for such a small speaker.  The frequency response is 80-20,000.  In order to get them up and running you’ll need a separate amplifier or purchase a mini amplifier through the same seller that has these little pipe speakers.  You can pick up this particular pair for $199 through Etsy.

Source: GeekyGadgets