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HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case takes a unique design route

butt-caseThe smartphone is one particular device that definitely needs a case of its own, as you can never quite tell as to when disaster is going to strike, but when it comes to choosing the model, it can be quite a headache. Here is something that will definitely be very different — the HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case, which is also known as the Butt Case. The design of the HandL MAXIMUS is meant to help you reunite with the power of touch, as Allen Hirsch, the artist and inventor of the HandL phone cases shared, ‚ÄúTouching the buttocks is one of the most pleasant tactile and ergonomic experiences.”

We do wonder whether there is going to be more than that which goes on in the mind when setting off such feelings in a person, but the HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case is definitely a unique addition of its kind in the market. Specially designed to be a natural extension of your hand, it boasts of a patented elastic and brace system so that the use can hold the smartphone using just one or two fingers. This in turn will free up the other hand, while relieving the amount of stress and discomfort of gripping.

With the HandL MAXIMUS Phone Case, it will provide a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to taking longer range selfies, and whenever you would like to pan a video shot across the room, or to capture a scenic panoramic shot, it is the ideal tool to have as it can convert into a hands-free portrait/landscape stand. In other words, the HandL is touted to be the most comfortable method for one to enjoy content on a smartphone. Expect the new HandL MAXIMUS Case to retail for $70 apiece, where it is available for the iPhone 7 Plus.

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