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Handbag Light turns on the style

handbag-lightI have always wondered just how people are able to turn on the style, so to speak. Is there a button in which someone can press, somewhere, and style will simply arrive for said person? Perhaps not, but one thing is for sure – you can definitely turn on the lights with this £19.99 Handbag Light. Glow in style, of course, whenever you need to search for something in your handbag while it is simply dark all around you.

Yes sir, the Handbag Light happens to be the world’s first automatic bag light which means that there is no button for you to press in the first place. This is because it comes fitted with the right kind of detection technology in order to make it hands-free, which would make it easier as you rummage through your cavernous handbag for that particular item that has long eluded you. It is pebble shaped and energy efficient, capable of lasting for up to 3,000 nights out as it runs on a pair of AAA batteries. Not only that, it is made of high value, recyclable materials for those who have a heart for planet earth.