Hand Winding Solar Camping Lamp with Charger

I truly hate lanterns and for one simple reason. They take about six different D batteries to stay powered.  Who honestly keeps D batteries around?  I don’t think I even own any gadgets anymore that require that particular type of batteries.  Well if you really don’t want to have to stock pile batteries, this small lantern uses other forms of power to make sure that your activities stay well lit. Of course you can’t expect to perform nearly as well as a good flashlight, but that’s not really what it was designed for.

It not only has solar power to charge it while the sun is up, but you can also use the hand crank.  You can either have it shine 6 LED lights at once or go for the more dim option of 3 at once.  The lantern is 18.5cm x 8.3cm, so it’s not the largest lantern out there.  It also has a mobile phone charger for emergency situations.  Even if it’s not the greatest lantern for camping, it’d be great to keep around in your car or basement as a part of an emergency kit combined with a radio. Being without a source of light in a natural disaster can definitely be pretty scary, so relying on batteries isn’t recommended.