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Use hand gestures to control your cellphone

Multi-touch gestures are something that many people have come to be familiar with ever since the iPhone made a splash a few years ago. Well, those gestures are great for folks who find a new way to manipulate their cellphones and smartphones, where it is known as the “Moove” MP3 Player. eyeSight Mobile Technologies might just have the solution for those who are interested in a new method of manipulating a user interface – after all, they are the developer of Hand Gesture Interface solutions for cellphones and consumer electronics devices, and have just announced the successful launch of a special new application (the “Moove” as mentioned earlier) that enables one to control a MP3 player software on a cellphone with simple hand gestures.

The “Moove” MP3 player is controlled by eyeSight’s Touch Free Interface technology and is currently available only for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic users. Currently, the application is one hot ticket item – having being delivered to more than half a million cellphones via Nokia’s Ovi Store in under four months. The application has actually dominated OVI’s Top Downloads list for this device for a long time already.

The Hand Gesture Interface will offer interaction that is way beyond what traditional touch does, and has been adopted at an enthusiastic rate by users of touch screen devices. eyeSight is currently in talks with cellphone manufactures to license the Hand Gesture Interface to be integrated into new smartphones – we can’t wait for this to happen, although we are pretty sure Apple would snub their noses at this but we might just find the plethora of HTC smartphones coming with Moove capability down the road since their MP3 player in Android isn’t exactly the polished apple. Hand gestures to control track playback as well as volume levels? We’ll take it – with open arms, to boot. After all, it can also be applied to any camera-enabled device, further increasing its value in the food chain.

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