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The Hand Exerciser gives you superhuman grip strength

Hand Exerciser

When you start taking exercise seriously after a long period of being a couch potato, you realize how strong your body can really be. Going up and down stairs doesn’t wind you in the slightest, and picking up something that weighs more than ten pounds doesn’t phase you at all. Of course, it’s important to work out more than your legs and arms.

If you want to maintain a strong grip well into your later years, you’ll need to develop it when you’re younger. Of course, there are some methods of doing that without the use of equipment, but if you have a little extra money then the Xtensor Hand Exerciser can help you accomplish the same goal through this dedicated instrument. This attaches to your wrist and fingers, and will help you work your way up to a higher tension over time.

There are ten bands that will secure to your fingers, and as there are thumb bands on both sides, this can be used on either the right or left hand. The stretchy bands that are secured on the palm piece have two more holes that are further away from your fingers, per finger, which will give you more tension. This is going to cost you $30, and while the concept is nice, it looks as though the stretchy bands might snap easily over time. It might be better to look into a more secure option that will stand the test of time.

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