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Hand-crank washing machine

Living off the grid can be quite a challenging lifestyle to adhere to, and what happens when there is a massive power outage for weeks on end in the event of a natural disaster or calamity? There is always room for clean clothes, and this is where the Hand-crank washing machine comes in handy. The washing cycle takes as little as 10 seconds and could be as long as a couple of minutes to keep your laundry fresh and clean, although we’re sure it won’t be able to do a bang up job as that of a dedicated washing machine. Still, it is better than wearing stale-smelling clothes even at the end of the world, eh? This portable washing machine will retail for $49.99.

Product Page via Book of Joe

5 thoughts on “Hand-crank washing machine”

  1. I wouldn’t knock low-tech washing methods. When my jeans get really grungy–bad enough that the washing machine doesn’t do it–I wear them into the shower, soap them up and scrub them with a brush. Then they spend the rest of the shower on the floor rinsing. You’ve never seen really clean jeans until you’ve done it this way.

    I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to be taking all of my clothes in with me and doing them at the same time.

    Really, washing machines aren’t that great, they’re just convenient.

  2. I used a similar device years ago at a cabin deep in the woods. It worked very well. The key is to use low suds “camping” soap, available at your major outfitters or even Walmart.

  3. These have been around in South Africa for almost 20 years and a family favourite under those who camp or caravan a lot. Great success!

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