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Han Solo Fridge makes sure your drinks remain nice and cool

han-solo-fridgeHan Solo, being frozen in a block of carbonite, would have experienced one of the more painful journeys in his life, but that particular imagery has more or less seared itself into the consciousness of many people into being an iconic image. Hence, it is no surprise to hear that the $149.99 Han Solo Fridge is made available that will certainly be in line with drumming up interest in the upcoming Star Wars movie, not to mention it being one of the cooler fridges that you can own along the way.

The Han Solo Fridge will boast of an extra large capacity that allows it to hold up to 18 cans of soda, and best of all is, you do not even need to have a wee bit of Tibanna gas to get it going. This particular fridge has a double edged sword functionality – it will not only be able to keep its precious contents cool, it also has the other ability to heat up whatever that it is storing at that particular point in time. Heck, there is also a handle located at the top which is meant for grabbing, making it a whole lot more convenient than toting around a particularly large block of carbonite. This is an officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, so do not be ashamed of using it, and there is a red LED lighting on front.