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The Hammock Sky Tent 2 keeps you cozy while camping

Sky Tent

When you go camping, there are two options for where you can sleep if you have the right gear. You can either sleep on the ground, or in a hammock. Both come with their own set of problems, and depending on how much you want to carry, you can only solve so many of them. If you prefer to sleep in a hammock, then you know there’s not as much protection as you’re not as safe from bugs and the elements.

If you want to keep insects as small as gnats out of your face while swaying in the breeze on a hammock, then this Hammock Sky Tent 2 should be of use. This is a huge rip-stop nylon rain fly that can provide protection for up to two hammocks and some gear. There are 2100 holes per square inch which should cut down on the bugs and a little bit of the bite a chilly wind can produce. This comes with 80 inches of 6mm climbing rope per side to hang this tent, 138 inches of rope to secure the ridgeline of the rainfly, and 100 inches in each of the four corners of the rainfly to secure it.

The base of the tent is waterproof, and can hold some of your gear. There are also 4 hooks ¬†on each corner to stake it down if you’re wanting to change it up and sleep on the ground here and there. This is going to cost you $129.95, but keep in mind that it is only the tent, and does not come with any hammocks or other camping gear.

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