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This Hammock Chair Canopy is what summer should be

Hammock Canopy Lounger

When you think of summer, a nice breeze, a cold drink, and sitting under the warm sun all come to mind. While the times we actually get a full 24 hour period to ourselves are pretty scarce, we soak up days outside during the warmer months as much as we can. Everyone goes about it differently as picnics or a day at the pool isn’t going to be the first choice from one person to the next.

If your ideal summer day is being super comfortable outside and warmed by the sun, but not in it’s light, then the Hammock Chair Canopy is going to be a must-have. It has a heavy duty powder coated metal frame which can support up to 265 pounds, and will keep the sitter safe under its weather resistant 46” canopy. For the pleasure of your back side, there’s a 2” foam-filled PVC coated polyester cushion with a built-in pillow so you’ll always be primed and ready for a nap.

This comes in a red/orange, teal, or green measuring 73 x 46 x 78”. It’s a $225 investment, but seems like it would be worth the quality of summer relaxation it could provide. Now if it only had solar charging panels on the top to keep your phone alive and a built-in lap desk so you’d have entertainment when you’re bored of doing nothing or sleeping. Of course, you could always install those things yourself and make this the outdoor work/relaxation station of your dreams.

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