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Hamilton Beach’s New “Mc” Breakfast Maker


There are a few things in my life that are a given, if there is chocolate in front of me, I will eat it, no exercise of any kind is fun, and anything that happens before 10 in the morning probably isn’t worth having to set the alarm for. However, I have a 10 year old that still requires a good breakfast and a ride to school at *gasp* ¬†six-thirty in the morning! Now while I’ve gotten pretty good at driving in my sleep, making breakfast? Not so much.

Well the folks over at Hamilton Beach have the answer to my one of my problems with their new electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker. This nifty little countertop delight makes breakfast making quick and easy. Using your own fresh ingredients, you can whip up your own “Mc” specialties using any combination of eggs, meat, veggies and cheeses with English muffins, biscuits or small bagels and Voila! You have a sandwich that practically builds itself.

All of the Breakfast Sandwich Maker’s removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the cooking surfaces are covered with a durable, nonstick coating. It has a small footprint, preserving some of your valuable countertop real estate, and it’s very simple to learn, so even a child could do it. Hmm… I wonder if 10 years old is too young to make breakfast, while mom gets an extra 10 minutes of sleep? We’ll have to see. The Breakfast Maker comes with some quick and easy recipes to get you started. So if you need a healthy alternative to the drive-thru breakfast, the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker may be for you. Get yours today at for only around 29 bucks! Me? I’m teaching the kid… and hitting the snooze bar!

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  1. ** TIP ** Some people complain about the egg overflowing in this device.When you pour some of your egg mixture into the pan. I say at least leave out ,one third of the egg mixture. This will stop it from over flowing;) Also, spray it with Pam or something similar.

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