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Halos introduces 1TB CatDrive

catdriveStorage of personal data has definitely evolved in a fair number of ways over the years, where we are now dealing with GBs of information in something as small as a USB flash drive. The thing is, many of us also do own Internet-connected devices, allowing us to store data on the cloud as long as there is a connection. This might be convenient for the average consumer, but it comes with its fair share of potential security banana skins as well, especially when hacking or theft of personal data occurs. Halos has a bright idea: a cloud-like storage, but you get to physically secure where all your data is kept, in the form of the 1TB CatDrive.

 Halos wants you to bid farewell to the cloud with their all new 1TB CatDrive, making you the master of private data as you stash all of your personal information and photos at home safely, without compromising on the ability to access it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a decent Internet connection. With the CatDrive, one is able to store different kinds of commonly used file formats in a single place, while synchronizing all of that information on connected devices just like a normal cloud service.

The goodies with the CatDrive does not stop there. It will also arrive with other features such as a Photo Roll in order to provide a better photo display, private spaces for multiple users where individual family members only have the authority to access their own account and not others, a family sharing mode where file streaming and virtually any message shared will be sent instantly, as well as support for large file sharing. In other words, the 1TB CatDrive from Halos is like a portable hard drive, except that it boasts of cloud-like performance.

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