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Halo Light Belt V.3 decks you out in style

halo_light_belt_smallDo you love the movie Tron, and all of the futuristic costumes and visual ideas that come along with it? I am quite sure that energy is a whole lot cheaper in the future, since everything is lighted up and seemingly need some sort of juice to keep it running. Well, you might as well make the first move into such an era with the $34.99 Halo Light Belt V.3.

This is a LED lighted pet collar that will be ideal for extreme nighttime visibility, where you can choose from three different light modes, making it visible up to 1500 feet. Now that is certainly quite a distance, especially if you love going out for long walks at night and would like your four legged pooch to follow you. The rechargeable battery should be able to last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours on a single charge, which means it should be good for a couple of days of regular walks. You can choose from black, coral, teal, or white shades, and if you do not have a pet, the Halo Light Belt V.3 is also good enough to be worn around your wrist for hikers and night bikers. Fret not when it rains, as it is waterproof (air-sealed) and made from SGS non-toxic high quality silicon.