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Halo Bicycle Lock can send you a message

Just when I thought I was finished with biking gadgets for the day with the Bendable Bike, along comes the Halo Bicycle Lock.

The Halo has nothing to do with the popular video game series of the same name, but probably derives its name from the perfect circle that it creates when the two halves are put together.

The Halo Bicycle lock can also do something that I might be willing to describe with the word “angelic”. You see, it comes equipped with an Eye-Fi card so it will send out an alert if it is tampered with. This gives bikers a new set of security as they will receive a text or phone call on their mobile if some thief is trying to make off with their favorite set of two-wheels.

Say, wouldn’t you have to have Wi-Fi access in order for the Halo Bicycle lock to work? Yes, my Source was quick to point this out too. However, this device is merely a concept for now. In the future, it isn’t too hard to believe that the entire globe will have access to Wi-Fi. Of course, that future is probably distant, and I’m not certain if the Wi-Fi would be free, either.