Halloween Gadgets and Decorations

Halloween Lights Again

My friend Alek has again created an insane user controllable Halloween decoration display, this year you are able to control thousands of lights and inflate pumkins, Homer and Frankenstein. You can also display your own text messages on the web cam. If you’re getting ready for Halloween here’s a crazy collection of gadgets you might be interested in (though not as crazy as Alek’s front yard).

Ghost Projector Outdoor Projector

This gadget lets you project flying images on to your house, it comes with various slides so it’s not just for Halloween. Slides include deer, stars, balloons, skaters, witches, snow flakes, bats, and ghosts.

The weatherproof outdoor projector is available for $89.95.

door knocker
Arm Door Knocker

We wrote about this gruesome door knocker last year.

I think if you ever didn’t want people showing up at your house and disturbing you, this gadget would do the trick. The Stranger Door Knocker is an old-fashioned looking door knocker with part of an arm hanging from it.

The knocker is fastened to your door with a suction cup and features a motion sensor that detects anyone approaching your door. When the sensor notices motion within a certain distance, the remainder of the arm begins knocking on the door. I think after seeing that I might not want to stick around to see what kind of person lives inside!

The stranger door knocker costs $14.99, full post over here.

The Rustling Hedge
Fancy scaring your local paper boy? Creepy Peepers

Place in any plant, bush, or other foliage. When activated by sound it really SHAKES, makes growling noises, and its monster-like eyes light up. It appears that your plants or hedges really haunted! Indoor or outdoor use. You can buy Creepy Peepers for $15.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed.

5-Foot Animated Frankenstein’s MonsterAnimated Frankenstein
The hulk isn’t the only green monster.

This is the 5′ tall animated figure of the cinematic vision of Frankensteins monster that moves its arms, twists its hips, and plays music from the integral speaker in its base when activated by its internal motion detector.

You can buy the 5 Foot Frankenstein from Hammacher for $199.95.

Coffin Fogger

Gruesome skeleton peeks over the top of his coffin as bone-chilling fog billows from inside. The eerie mist changes colors to complete the creepy effect. Uses regular tap water so you never have to worry about running out of fog juice. Includes coffin with skeleton and fogger, plastic mat, mist deflector and UL adapter. 10″ long.

Hallowwen Costumes
King Kong Hand Dress
If you’re off to a Halloween fancy dress party here’s a great costume for the ladies, the King Kong Hand And Dress.

Recreate one of the most famous scenes in cinema history with this dress and giant inflatable King Kong hand!
You’ll have to find your own way to the top of the Empire state building though!

Available from Drink Stuff for £39.99 (~$80).

Mist Maker
Mist Making Skull
I think this looks more tacky than scary but still.

Create a spooky atmosphere for your haunted house with this spooky skull. The creepy mist will churn out, and a ghostly aura will begin to descend onto your living room.

You can buy the mist making skull from Amazon for $29.99.

Inflatable 9-Foot Grim Reaper Archway.Grim Reaper Archway
If you’ve got the space you could splash out on the Inflatable 9-Foot Grim Reaper Archway.

This oversized display inflates in two minutes with its built-in air pump that maintains the proper air pressure during use, and when fully-inflated, stands with a gesture that beckons guests to pass beneath its outstretched arm holding a scythe. Internal lights give the figure an unearthly glow, complete with gleaming red eyes that pierce the blackness of its hood.

The archway costs $89.95, again from Hammacher.

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