The Halfbike is a manually powered Segway


Commuting to work when it’s just a bit too far to walk always makes you consider getting some set of wheels. It could be a skateboard, scooter, or bicycle, but oftentimes the most widely used option is the latter. The only problem is that bicycles take up a lot of space regardless of where you put it. Not to mention there’s the hassle of storing it once you get to your destination and trying to make sure it isn’t stolen.

 If you like the idea of pedaling to work, but wish you could take up half the space, then why not get a Halfbike? This is exactly what it sounds like, but definitely challenges what comes to mind when you think of a bicycle. In form, it looks closer to a Segway when in use, but that’s only because you’re standing and leaning forward while pedaling. You will essentially be “bike-jogging”, which can take the impact off of your joints.

This has three wheels, and while it only has one handle bar for braking, all turning will rely on you leaning your body towards the desired direction. This is best suited for riders between 5’2”-6’4”, with a weight limit of 230 pounds. This is really meant for flat-level riding, so those who are wanting a mode of transportation that is functional in a variety of settings may want to look elsewhere. The frame is made from plywood and aluminum, and this will cost you around $900 if you’re interested.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter