HAL 9000 replica does not come cheap

Let us assume that you are in the market for a used supercomputer, surely you will need to pony up a huge wad of cash just to own one of these puppies, right? Well, assuming you have a love for all things HAL 9000, then you might be interested to hear that a well built replica of the HAL 9000 is now available for pre-order at a whopping $499 a pop. Sure, it will not be able to make short work of you, but it sure as heck will vaporize half a grand from your bank account in the blink of an eye. Your order is tipped to arrive sometime in December this year, making it ideal as a Christmas present.
Just to recap, HAL 9000 is a psychotic computer, and has been rated as one of the most memorable villains in cinema history – ranking 13th overall. HAL 9000 sported a calm, confident voice that is a surefire way to guarantee you that everything was going according to plan, while assuring you that you will need to kiss goodbye to your life. The replica HAL 9000 is made out of CNC-machined aluminum, and was recreated directly from the original 1967 studio blueprints, while sporting an optical-grade glass with its lens copied from the original prop. There are also 15 different phrases included in the HAL 9000 replica that can be activated through a handful of user-selectable modes.