Hair today, gone tomorrow

lasercomb.jpgGrowing bald is something nobody wants despite the apparent sexiness of baldness that is being trumpeted by the power mongers at Hollywood. For the rest of you who subscribe to the adage, “Prevention is better than cure”, the HairMax LaserComb will definitely tickle your fancy, delivering a head of thicker, fuller hair. How does this device actually help prevent hair loss in the face of numerous remedies available in the market that have a pretty low chance of success? Apparently, the results from an initial trial were pretty encouraging, where the HairMax LaserComb managed what was tantamount to a miracle. Read on for the amazing results!

An extensive clinical study showed that 93% of the participants who are aged from 30 to 60 experienced an increase in the number of terminal (thick) hairs when they used the HairMax LaserComb. Their average number of terminal hairs per square centimeter actually increased by a whooping 19 hairs/cm2 over the course of half a year. Even better is the news that nobody reported any negative side effects during the six months’ of LaserComb use.

How does this seemingly miraculous technology work? For starters, it offers an easy-to-administer route, requiring a mere 10 to 15 minutes of your time for each session. You are recommended to perform this ritual for three times weekly in the comfort of your own home. The HairMax LaserComb is also extremely portable, sharing the same rough dimensions of a curling iron. Bear in mind that results vary from individual to individual, so dont expect to go from Kojak to King Kong overnight. Grab some hirsute benefits today with the HairMax LaserComb for a whiff over $600.

Source: Medgadget