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This Hair Straightening Brush wants none of that frizzness

Gisala Heated Straightening Brush

While it’s not mandatory, tons of people get up and do their hair and makeup every, single, day. For those of you who don’t, know that this is not something that can easily be rushed. If you don’t go through the paces when you do regularly, literally everyone you know will ask if you’re sick or coming down with a cold. That being said, it’s only natural to look for ways to streamline this process so that running late doesn’t mean scorching your face with a flatiron or completely failing with eyeliner.

While I can’t offer you any solace for making perfect wing tips, this Gisala Ceramic Heater Hair Straightening Brush should help you out in the hair department. This is a brush and comb combination that will pull your hair through, heating and straightening as it goes. It is said to not┬ápull your hair, which, trust me, is a big deal as regular flatirons are notorious for catching a strand or two every pass and yanking them out.

You’ll be able to adjust the temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which this brush is capable of reaching in about 90 seconds. It uses a standard outlet for power and has an auto shutoff timer after 30 minutes, so there’s no worries about burning down your home. This is a $50-60 purchase depending on what color brush you choose, the cheaper being light yellow rather than cyan or gold.

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