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The Best Hair Rollers – make waves with your waves, and curls

Best Hair Rollers

If you’ve never tried to do your hair and makeup before, it is quite the lengthy process to go through. Makeup can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on how complicated you want to get, and deciding to play with your hair can tack on another hour at minimum. Of course, both of those tasks are entirely dependent on how far you want to go with your look, but doing your hair often times takes much more work.

Getting perfect curls and waves in your hair takes lots of skill, arm strength, and coordination. If you’d prefer to put them in curlers things go much faster than using a curling iron, but you still have to wait on them to either heat up, or sleep with them on. If you’re in a rush, you want things to heat up as fast as a flat iron or better, but that’s hard to find. Hammacher-Schlemmer thinks they’ve found the best option out there with the Best Hair Rollers. You can tell by the title that they believe this to be the holy grail.

While there are very likely better methods out there, these will heat up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit in a minute and a half, and are said to be easy to use. The clip and the roller both heat up, so those who are skilled in this art can set their hair within five minutes. As an amateur to the hair game, this seems impossible, but for $39.95, it seems like a valid option with a set of 20 with two different sizes.

Available for purchase on Hammacher

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