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Hackers target Mobile Me customers for phishing scheme

Members of Apple’s problematic Mobile Me community have a new headache as the service, which has been plagued operationally since it’s launch, provides “phishers” with an opportunity to glean credit card and other personal information from Mobile Me customers.

Credit company “Card Cops” has verified that some .Mac users are being redirected to a trading site and may be taking advantage of the DNS hole which allows hackers to take over a DNS address and clone it to look like the official destination.

MobileMe is an Apple service which let’s customers use a wide variety of services in concert, including websites, mail, calendars, contacts, photos, music and other Mac functions.
Card Cops has found that 1 in three credit profiles vulnerable to phishing attacks have .mac addresses and looks very realistic with sophisticated graphics and even technical support for “setting up Mac desktops, iPhones or even iPods. It then requests an update of billing information so Mobile Me service won’t be discontinued.

Any user who clicks on the link or provides personal information into the faux Mobile Me interface is sure to be a victim of identity theft. And with 1 in 3 victims Mobile Me customers, it’s no picnic for Cupertino either as the Mobile Me service has been plagued with activation and billing problems since it’s launch early last month. Problems with prompted Steve Jobs to admit they made a mistake launching the service while launching their new 3G Iphone and causing an executive shakeup at Apple.

Hat Tip – Cnet

1 thought on “Hackers target Mobile Me customers for phishing scheme”

  1. Yes,
    As a Mobile Me user, I can say that, although it is beautiful, it has been a headeache. Unlike most Apple products, this one seems to be flaky and perhaps not worth the bang for the buck.

    To Apple’s credit, it is really easy to use, host websites, share pictures and even do back ups, which is more than I can say for other web hosting services like GoDaddy that are so freaking comboluted and confusing that you have to hire somebody to administer your account..

    I think Apple will eventually get it right, like everything else, I do have faith in their products, so I will stick it out till it becomes the great service that it is suppose to be.

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