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Habits of a Gadget Blogger

Blogging Habits
Problogger Darren Rowse is doing a feature called Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers, I certainly don’t class myself as a highly effective blogger but as I tend to post here a fair few times a day I guess that still makes me a blogger. So here are my opinions on what makes an effective blogger (or not).

Be part of the Blogging Community
Getting involved with the blogging community is great way to make contacts in your chosen niche and get you blog known. Leaving trackbacks to sites you quote and meaningful comments on other peoples sites. I always read sites that have linked to me and if I find something interesting will often quote them and return the link favor. I did have a rant about this last week and have made a few friends because of it.

Be Different
There are fair few blogs in the gadget niche, many of which seem to report on the same things. One of the things I try to do is find original content that hasn’t been reported all over the place already. I only ever cover stories off the “big” gadget blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo, etc.) if the story is really breathtaking or I have an interesting twist on it.

We all have days when we can’t be bothered and at times you feel you’re writing stuff but nobody is reading and that all the search engines hate you. Having a popular site takes time and effort so perserverance is key.

Be Passionate about the Subject
Blogging about something you have a passion about is so much easier than writing about a subject that you don’t really enjoy. It will come across in your posts and help to keep you motivated.

Don’t Spam
Every blogger wants readers (and if you don’t you may want to consider why you’re blogging in the first place), so promoting your blog is important but spamming is a sure fire way to alienate your self amongst the blogging community. If you think an promotion method is spammy don’t do it.

Be Professional with Speling and Grammer 😉
If you want to give a professional impression, check you grammar and spelling. Doing a spell check takes seconds and if you can’t be bothered to read your own posts and check the grammar why do you expect your readers to read it.

Like I said in the opening paragraph I don’t really class myself as an effective blogger but the above points are what I reckon make me the sort of blogger I am. I’m also looking forward to reading other bloggers thoughts to gain ideas on how I can improve.

Normal gadget posting will resume shortly :).

10 thoughts on “Habits of a Gadget Blogger”

  1. I think your point about spam is a good one. I can’t believe the number of people who visit my blogs and leave spam. I have nothing against people who actually read my posts and leave thoughtful comments — they’re welcome to leave their URLs. But what drives me nuts is the people who say, “Hey, great post [on subject xyz]. Incidentally, if you want to buy a Porsche, check out www . evil-porsche-spam-site….” As a result, I’ve had to put comment moderation on my site. (My newest blog doesn’t yet have comments because I’m worked on some new mod features.) How do other people decide what to delete and what to leave?

  2. A lot of comment spam is automated, here I manually approve every comment that is shown (with a few automatic tools). I’ll generally only approve a comment if it looks like they’ve read the post and are more interested in leaving a comment than gaining a link.

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    i also tend to find related blogs and do a share link banner to promote his blog in order for them to do the same.

    Still i need a better solution, like adding cool gadgets, and find some place to categorize the blog to some related famous sites.Any recommendations?

  4. to be different is priority. i agree with your opinion, but sometimes, people need simple information. but, i still agree…

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