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The H5 Spiral Humidifier – breathe easier

H5 Spiral Humidifier

We don’t put too much thought into the quality of the air in a room unless it’s severe enough to affect us. Rooms can be too humid or too dry, and sometimes have a “funk” about them. You can spring for a dehumidifier, humidifier and air fresheners, but that’s a lot of money, outlets and additions to your electric bill. It’s always better to get an all-in-one item, and getting more for your money is always an added bonus.

The H5 Spiral Humidifier is a very slight spiral when viewed from above, and features punched metal siding and a window panel that will show you the levels of the water. The water tank has an antibacterial treatment to help fight bacterial growth, and the mist that comes out of the top is from the water being boiled to kill bacteria. The water comes out cool despite the heating aspect of the process. While running, it is whisper-quiet, so you won’t have to worry about adding noise levels to the room just to get some humidity.

This sadly doesn’t double as a dehumidifier as well, but can be an aroma diffuser and night light for those that keep humidifiers in their room. There are timers for 2 and 4 hours, meaning you can run this right before bed so it will be on while you sleep. The tank can hold 2.4 liters, and should it be on low, can run for up to 26 hours. It has the capability to cover an area of 650 square feet, and will cost you $169.99.

Available for purchase on Brookstone

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