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The H2O Ninja Mask is a Snorkel that will let you see a whole new world


If you were to go snorkeling, balancing your love of air with getting to see under the water’s surface will be your greatest battle. It’s not exactly easy to get the hang of, and you also have to blow water out when you breach, just like a whale, or you’ll be gagging on it in no time. The only sad part about snorkeling is that it’s really hard to take in all the goings-on underwater, as most masks give you a very small field of vision and usually shadow your view.

Since your time underwater is limited, why not look at it through a bigger window? The H2O Ninja Mask is a Snorkel that covers your entire face so you aren’t stuck wondering what might be on either side of your mask that your peripheral can’t see. The snorkel is built into the mask, and is above your head rather than off to the side. It doesn’t require you to stick anything in your mouth either, making breathing just as easy below water as it is above.

You’ll get a full 180 degree viewing angle, and thanks to the mouth cover and anti-fogging mask, blurry vision shouldn’t be an issue. If water does seep into the mask, there are built-in safety valves to make sure the water doesn’t cause problems for you. While wearing this you’ll be able to swim down 8-10 feet, but because there isn’t a pressure equalizing mechanism built in, you won’t want to go much deeper than that. This is an expensive purchase at around $145 that comes in pink, blue, green, or black, and you’ll need to make sure you get the right size to fit your face. If you’re the type who likes to document everything, there’s also a $165 version with a GoPro mount.

Available for purchase on h2oninjamask