H2Go Fuel Cell Car lets kids play with renewable energy


Any toy that teaches kids about alternative energy in a way that makes it fun for them is definitely okay in my book.  I’ve seen some that are kits and a bit more complicated.  Honestly, I think that this car is one of the best approaches I’ve seen.  It goes for the subtle angle, it’s a fun remote control car and doesn’t need a single battery to run.

Even kids know the joys of searching for batteries in the house so that their treasured battery-operated toys will work.  Explaining to them that this doesn’t need any and why, is a fantastic way to teach them about renewable energy.  The car itself actually runs on zero-emission hydrogen fuel.  It also utilizes solar energy, so it’ll teach them about a couple of different methods.  It can be purchased for $147.95 through Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid