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Gunnar Vayper Gaming Glasses ups the ante while you game

gunner-vayperYou might be one who enjoys a whole lot of gaming – and by this, I certainly mean a whole lot. That is, eat, sleep and dream about games all day (and night) long, and you definitely have the PC as the gaming platform of your choice, shunning the likes of consoles and handheld devices. In other words, you would be staring at a PC monitor all the time, and perhaps it might do your eyes some good to protect them to a certain degree. There is no better way than the $79.99 Gunnar Vayper Gaming Glasses to get the job done, then.

The Gunnar Vayper Gaming Glasses happen to be a pair of glasses that will do its bit to reduce the amount of computer-related eyestrain, and its use is not restricted only for those who game, but it can also basically cater to others who happen to sit in front of the computer for long hours on end as they crank out a spreadsheet after another, in addition to typing out reports for their superiors. Boasting of an Onyx-colored, injection-polymer frame, the Gunnar Vayper Gaming Glasses will be accompanied by amber lenses that have been specially designed to reduce computer-related eyestrain. With a one piece front construction design, it does away with all welds, screws and other potential points of failure. Do bear in mind that these will be unable to fit over one’s existing glasses, but thankfully they can be custom ordered with your prescription lenses.

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