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Gunnar Optiks: Glasses for Gamers?

mlgglassonblack_midThis would probably be the first time that I have reported on eyewear on this site. After all, most sunglasses seem very non-technological, but rest assured, there is a science behind it all.

This is certainly the case with GUNNAR Optiks, a “technology company that has pioneered the development of digital performance eyewear”. GUNNAR gives its customers digital eyewear that helps to stop Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF). DEF is the result of the never-ending stream of digital information that results form sitting around a computer all day.

Symptoms of DEF include blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, light sensitivity, and headaches. If it is left untreated, it can lead to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a repetitive visual stress disorder that affects 125 million computer users.

I got a chance to try out Gunnar Optiks at the Penny Arcade Expo last weekend, and I found that their glasses had a yellow tint with a small magnification that allowed a more relaxed feel when reading a digital screen. When I say relaxed, I mean a reduced glare, plus a better ability to read the small print on the display.

In short, GUNNAR Optik’s products are designed for those who are constantly at the computer or television all day, which is a great majority of people. For more information, check out the GUNNAR Optiks site.

1 thought on “Gunnar Optiks: Glasses for Gamers?”

  1. Bought a pair of these from Gunnar online store thinking after looking at the site i was buying the biggest set(the ones in the pic arnt even on the online store)
    Turns out they are that small you see more frame of the specs than can be of any use and its more off putting than helpfull.
    Ive recieved one reply from Gunnar saying they dont understand my problem so a big big detailed email was sent and low and behold zero replys.

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