Gunnar 3D Glasses might make 3D movies more tolerable


While 3D movies are a big deal, people are either in love with it, or hate it. For those of you that are fond of this type of viewing experience, there are a variety of different products ranging from cameras to televisions that have heavy emphasis on this aspect. For the cinematic world, you can’t just watch a 3D movie without sporting some silly looking glasses, but it’s always a game of chance finding a pair that isn’t scratched up or gross from being used by someone else.

If you’d prefer to bring in your own glasses and have a pair for home, then the Gunnar 3D Glasses might be up your alley. This is an extremely fancy pair of 3D glasses that are probably as top-notch as you’re going to get. They have adjustable nose pads so they can fit your face, an onyx frame, and were built to protect your eyes from drying out. It also has anti-reflective properties to reduce the amount of glare you have to deal with.

There are filters that will help you get nothing but 3D imagery without ghosting. While these do cost $40, they will only add to your experience and will hold up far better than what you might pick up at the theater.They are also slightly tweaked to make seeing through them crystal clear. Personally, these sorts of movies make me sick to my stomach.

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