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Gumball Pinball Machine

Gumball and pinball machines tend to go hand in hand, and here is something which might just pique your interest – the Gumball Pinball Machine, bringing together what could very well be the best of both worlds. This gumball machine will need the deft skill of a pinball maven in order to obtain up to three 1″ diameter chewy confections that are stashed away inside. A Hammacher exclusive, this machine will come with a baseball-themed playing field which will comprise of a quartet of “Win” holes as well as a trio of “Lose” holes. You will need to rely on pure mechanical movement without electricity, where turning the coin slot crank will see three gumballs drop into play. You will then call upon your vast pinball experience to use the two spring-loaded flippers to navigate through the treacherous machine, knocking each gumball into one of the winning holes, and any gumballs which bypass the flippers will be returned to play thanks to the game’s plunger. All successful scores will deposit winnings via the flip-up candy door, while losing gumballs remain in hostage in a container. Each $1,000 purchase will be accompanied by 850 1″ multi-colored gumballs. ]]>