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Gululu put a Tamagotchi in a water bottle so kids would drink H2O


When you were a kid, how often do you remember going up to your parents and asking for a glass of water? Most of the time we wanted some sort of flavored beverage, Kool-Aid, juice, milk, sweet tea, or on special occasions, free refill hot chocolate at restaurants. Since we’re all reaching an age where we understand the importance of consuming H2O, it makes sense that kids would be healthier if they drank more plain ole water too.

 Since kids don’t like to do anything without some sort of motivation and you can’t always give them candy, one company decided to go the gaming route. The Gululu is a tad overreaching with its monitoring, but will help your kids drink more water and let them have fun doing it. This is a smart water bottle with a built-in screen that shows a little creature your child will grow based on their water intake. It’s like a Tamagotchi, but is useful for everyday life rather than taking up hours of your life with nothing to show for it.

I did say they’re a bit overreaching, and it’s because you can check how much water your kids are drinking on an app anywhere in the world. Do I care if Jimmy drank 250mL of water at 8 am? If I do, then I am likely an overbearing parent. If you like the idea of getting your child to drink more water, it will cost you $99, which seems like a lot for a kids toy that they will phase out of caring about after a few months or hopefully a year or more. The plus side is that this has completely waterproof electronics and charges wirelessly!

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter