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Gululu Go, the interactive water bottle for kids

gululu-goChildren are an extremely curious and active bunch, and most of the time, they are curious about anything and everything. It is in their nature to be like that in order to learn, but through their active lifestyle, parents or guardians should also take one thing into consideration: the amount of hydration that they receive. It can be all too easy to forget that one is already having so much fun in the sun (especially during the summer), that one forgets to take in the recommended amount of fluids. The Gululu Go is an interactive water bottle for kids, where it is capable of “talking back” to its young owner as part of a motivational pattern so that they will take responsibility for their own hydration. Or at least, try to, with kids being kids.

 The Gululu Go is not something new, as its predecessor, the Gululu, happened to be the first interactive water bottle in the world that was specially designed to keep kids hydrated. The Gululu Go, however, is a lighter and more portable version, albeit it will arrive accompanied by a sound speaker. This particular sound speaker is a truly unique addition to the world of water bottles — after all, how many water bottles that you know actually comes with a built-in speaker? The whole idea is to encourage interactivity with kids in order to help them love to drink water, imbuing this healthy habit while they are still young.

The Gululu Go will work this way: it has an interactive pet at the heart of everything. Each time daily water intake goals are met, one will be able to unlock new skills and treasures, making water consumption not only fun, but also to inculcate a healthy routine that will hopefully, last a lifetime. After all, there is no better way to encourage learning than through playing, and the sense of achievement simply by drinking water is a real encouragement. With an asking price of $119 apiece, the Gululu Go is not cheap, but it certainly is special.

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