Guitar Pee urinal makes all that pent up urine worth it

Who would have thought that men could have more fun than they originally envisioned in the toilet? Sure, our queues at the loo are far shorter than the ladies at crowded social events, especially after it has ended, since we tend to perform our “business transactions” faster. Well, here is a novel take on how you are going to let loose that stream of rage the next time you have had one too many drinks – the Guitar Pee urinal will let you play your own tune while you take a leak.
Created by Billboard Brasil, it has been described as an electric guitar/amplifier/urinal, and it will start to be implemented across Sao Paulo’s many drinking establishments. All you need to do is make sure you drink more than your fair share of liquids, and pick out the Guitar Pee urinal of your choice, before you let loose to trigger electric guitar solos that might even make Slash blush. Will the ladies start to feel jealous of our equipment as well as the kinds of games we can play in the toilet? Perhaps someone can come up with a game for the ladies as well..