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Guitar Doorbell strums your arrival

guitar-doorbellA doorbell is just that – a doorbell, where its main job is to alert you of whoever in at the front door and wants to get in. Most of the time, thieves would not ring your doorbell to announce their arrival before they make their way into your home and relieve you of whatever you have in the blink of an eye. Pizza delivery boys, the plumber, that kindly old neighbor, and of course, for some of us – dreaded relatives, are the ones who would normally give your doorbell button a press before announcing their presence. Why not take the road less traveled with the $139.95 Guitar Doorbell?

The Guitar Doorbell does pretty well in living up to its name, where there will be an acoustic guitar which is mounted over a doorway, and it will then play a chord of one’s choice whenever a door is opened or closed. There is a fully playable 1/2-size acoustic six-string guitar, and each purchase will include the necessary mounting hardware with the strings facing down. The guitar itself will feature a spruce laminate top, solid rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and sapele neck, letting you play it normally should it be removed from the mounting board.

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