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Guinness Surger Starter Kit

Always complaining that your pint of the black stuff is never as good as that black nectar you supped in Ireland? Well, celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish tradition with the Guinness Surger Starter Kit.

The Surger Kit is a revolutionary system that uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate the molecules in your pint of stout so your sad can of Guinness is transformed into a cream-brimmed glass of velvet. So, how does it work? Well, refrigerate a can of Guinness for at least three hours. Pour a little water onto the tray at the top of the Surger unit. Next, pour your can of Guinness into a glass at a 45 degree angle. Now, place you glass of freshly-poured Guinness onto the tray of water on the Surger unit. All that’s left is to hit the button on Surger unit. Sit back and witness the miracle of ultrasonic waves. In a matter of minutes, you can enjoy a Guinness just as good as the fresh draught served at The Storehouse in James’ Gate.

The Guinness Surger Starter Kit contains a Guinness-branded pint glass, 2 cans of Guinness Draught Surger and the Surger unit. The kit retails at £16.99 and is available from participating Tesco Extra stores across the UK.

6 thoughts on “Guinness Surger Starter Kit”

  1. Its terrible. Surge Guinness has been on the market a while now and I’ve never tasted a pint halfway decent. It all tastes sharp and thin.

  2. It is slightly thin and not as much of a taste of hops. That said, outside Ireland I’ve had a good few crap pints and the surge pints may be a break through of consistant quality. Even only 15-30% of pubs in cities Ireland have good draught pints.

  3. I live in Boise Idaho and am in possession of a surger unit like the one used by Guinness to surge their beer I like the beer but hardly ever drink any alcohol at all and would like to sell the surge unit I have it is new and comes in the box I have it due to some ex-friend needing money and ripping me off in a sense, I will not take under $200 plus shipping for it and expect to have it longer than desired. Today is the 18 of Dec. 2009 my phone is 208-392-5444 and recommend you leave a message if you are out of the country I may not be able to return the call therefore try till I pick up. Otherwise I hope to get this sold and gone ASAP so I can put it with the memories of my old friend who is just a low life after all in my past, thanks from dave at artistree in Idaho.

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