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Guinness Marmite

Guiness Marmite

*Edit* – This seems to be selling/sold out, they only place I’ve been able to find Guinness marmite is on eBay

Guinness and Marmite are two tastes that you either love or absolutely hate. Me, I love Guinness but I despise Marmite. Well to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Guinness and Marmite have teamed up to launch the limited edition Guinness Marmite Spread.

Guinness Marmite is created using 30% special Guinness yeast, to give it the classic Guinness flavour. Whether this is enough to over-power the disgusting taste of Marmite (IMO) we’ll have to wait and see. As with the Guinness Surger we will be purchasing some to give it a full review (probably not as fun as testing the Surger mind).

They’re only making 300,000 jars so if you fancy giving it a try don’t wait too long. It’s on sale starting from tomorrow at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, and Co-op. Found via the Guinness Blog.

We’re struggling to find anywhere that’s selling this special Guinness Marmite, but if you want to buy it online and don’t mind paying a premium check out the listings on eBay

18 thoughts on “Guinness Marmite”

  1. Vegemite is just as disgusting as marmite, yuck. When I manage to find some Guinness Marmite I will include a jar of vegishite I mean mite in the taste test.

  2. You’ve got that half right Max, Guinness rules, Marmite sucks. I’ve still not found a jar yet but when I do the full review will follow. You’re actually the first person I know that likes both so if you find it please let me know how you get on.

  3. Salty Marmite and sour Guinness. Sounds like a pretty gross combonation but maybe something like salt a vinegar potatoe chips.

  4. I don’t know if this is an urban myth but it seems easier to get blood from a stone than get a jar of this. If anyone knows of where to buy this in London then please let me know. I have now tried 5 supermarkets (I needed to go for other reasons honest!)

  5. I’m struggling to buy some as well (checked 3 supermarkets so far). The one place you can buy it is (crazily) eBay last time I checked there were 65 jars on sale though a bit over priced. It does mean there must be some shops selling it though.

  6. This is not a ‘new taste’, I ate Marmite sandwiches in 1944 and this taste brings back the memory exactly.

  7. This stuff is hard to find, I’ve ended up going to ebay, where there are now close to 400 jars. I saw 6 jars going for a buy it now price of 100 quid, thats a 569% markup on the original rrp!

  8. But Peter was that Guinness marmite back then?

    Hi Gareth, that is just crazy amount of money. I see from your blog that you’ve succumbed and bought a jar from eBay, how do you fancy writing a review for us and I’ll reimburse your cost?

  9. Hi Al, I did indeed end up puchasing some, it’s from my home town, which often either smells of Marmite or beer or both, so I’m a little impartial. However, idea of eating Marmite and getting paid for it sounds a little like getting a job as head beer taster for Carlsburg…your on!

  10. Cheers Gareth that’s great. If you can email me the review to al [at] GuessTheRest and ideally your PayPal address and I’ll transfer the money over to you (I think I read it was £8 on your blog), if you don’t used PayPal let me know an alternative method.

  11. I got some guniess marmite in the Harrods (main store) bakery this afternoon, its in the very corner near the exit doors! It was £3.50 for 250g’s. There wasnt very many left, but they may have restocked for tomorrow!

  12. Thanks Psy, unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near there. I anybody fancies buying some and mailing it to me you’ll have my eternal thanks, a free T’Shirt (when I get them made) and I’ll pay for it and the postage.

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