Guinness Marmite

Guiness Marmite

*Edit* – This seems to be selling/sold out, they only place I’ve been able to find Guinness marmite is on eBay

Guinness and Marmite are two tastes that you either love or absolutely hate. Me, I love Guinness but I despise Marmite. Well to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Guinness and Marmite have teamed up to launch the limited edition Guinness Marmite Spread.

Guinness Marmite is created using 30% special Guinness yeast, to give it the classic Guinness flavour. Whether this is enough to over-power the disgusting taste of Marmite (IMO) we’ll have to wait and see. As with the Guinness Surger we will be purchasing some to give it a full review (probably not as fun as testing the Surger mind).

They’re only making 300,000 jars so if you fancy giving it a try don’t wait too long. It’s on sale starting from tomorrow at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, and Co-op. Found via the Guinness Blog.

We’re struggling to find anywhere that’s selling this special Guinness Marmite, but if you want to buy it online and don’t mind paying a premium check out the listings on eBay

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