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40 thoughts on “Guess the Gadget – Win $20”

  1. That’s the way, now everyone knows it’s for washing bras… and everyone can enter the lucky draw! Thanks!

    (It’s a bra washer!)

  2. I’ll enter too…
    It’s a Bra Washer, a Bra Dryer – a two in one device. The BraBaby – buy one get one free – “only $19.95” 😛
    He he – I always get a kick out of the classic infomercial format.

  3. bra/sock washer. My wife uses one of these to keep her bras from losing shape, and I have a large version used for stuffing full of socks so the washer doesnt eat them one by one.

  4. I know someone who actually uses one of these. It is a device to hold a bra so that it can be washed in a washing machine without losing its shape.

  5. Darn and I thought I was clever guessing it was a bra washer before I scrolled down to he comments. Next time have the comments hidden until after the draw if possible.

  6. i agree it would be a bra washer. some of us spend a pretty penny on bras ( even us with less than large bras. this is a good thing to have if you like your bras ladies

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