Growin Up Speaker System

If you’re tired of all of your speakers lacking any organic gadget feel, then this speaker system should be a nice change.  Instead of trying to look like every other cutting edge speaker system out there, these take a cue from the trees.  This system makes it so that it looks like a bright white trunk is slowly growing up from the floor and the speakers sprout out of the side of the trunk.

The bright white contrasted with the black gives the set a very modern feel, all the while still being earthy.  It’ll give you the best of both worlds.  The low tone speakers are closer to the ground, while the high pitched sounds go towards the top.  They’re capable of being stacked together or even used separately.  These speakers are a concept design by Marcos Ignacio Madia.  That also means that these will probably be a little hard to get your hands on.

Source:  CribCandy